Tooth Filling

In tooth filling, the decayed part of the tooth which has cavities is cleaned properly. After cleaning, the empty space is then filled with proper dental material for protecting it from further getting damaged. Different type of filling are used  like porcelain, gold filling , silver, amalgam, plastics, and different other types of materials are used on the surface of the tooth.

What is Teeth Filling?

Teeth decay results in cavities and these are a very common condition found in people. In the ideal scenario, teeth decay must be treated as early as possible to prevent it from spreading deeper into a tooth or to other teeth in the mouth. Teeth filling is a procedure by which early-stage tooth decay is treated and the tooth’s function and aesthetics restored.

One of the many causes of sensitive teeth is tooth decay. When the decay causes cavitation into the dentine layer, it elicits a sensitivity response to cold food or air and this is one of the first symptoms that your tooth needs a filling.

What if the Cavity is Deep?

Many of you must be wondering “what if the cavity is deep? Well, if on the x-ray and by clinical evaluation your dentist feels that the cavity is too deep for a filling or removal of the decay will result in exposure of the pulp tissue, he/she will recommend a root canal treatment.

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